Metal recycling and recovery

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analysis of ceramic catalytic converters!
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Lapkričio 21, 2019

Many precious metals have kept their prices stable compared to last week. The values of some even increased. Towards the end of this year, the prices can be expected to remain stable, as the key factors influencing precious metals values are not yet showing significant changes (source:

Lapkričio 8, 2019

have clearer forecasts for gold - its demand is declining (source: For example, India has the lowest demand for this metal since 2016 (source: World central banks buy less gold (source: says that gold will cost $ 1,400 an ounce in December, which is quite a drop.

Business clients


We collect and recycle waste resulting from direct activity of companies and organizations.

For companies interested in cooperation we offer wide spectrum of services.






Private clients


Our company will help you to make money. Old, outdated, broken down, unused automobile parts, electronic waste, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures are welcome to our buying centers and we will offer you a good price for it.








 We offer collaboration to intermediaries engaged in the search for clients willing to sell catalysts, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures, waste of electric and electronic equipment.






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