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Sausio 20, 2021

Precious metal prices have been fairly stable this week. Gold, silver and palladium values fell slightly, while platinum and copper rose minimally. This period is not yet clear for precious metals - it is difficult to predict in which direction their prices will turn. The US dollar has been weak for some time, and it does not prevent metals from raising their prices (source: The new US President, Joe Biden, will also be inaugurated soon - the US sanctions on China may be eased, which will also affect precious metal prices. And, of course, with spring approaching and broader vaccination against coronavirus, we are likely to see changes in precious metal price graphs as well. It looks like everything can be expected in the coming months.
The price of the yellow metal fell to $ 1,837.61 an ounce. At the beginning of the week, the price of the metal had recovered, but then began to fall. The fall in the price of gold has had a positive effect on the jewelry industry, with demand for gold jewelry growing by up to 20% in India (source: says that while the value of gold is now falling and fears of inflation are not going away, this year should be good for the yellow metal - investors, as always, see gold as a safe investment.

Sausio 13, 2021

Gold and silver prices fell the most this week. Palladium with platinum has kept its values quite constant, and copper has even risen. Although the beginning of the year seemed to show positive changes in the precious metals market, now it lacks stability. predicts that inflation is already approaching. How big it will be or whether there will be major changes in the precious metals market it is still difficult to predict.
The price of the yellow metal fell to $ 1847.55 an ounce. As it can be predicted, this situation is influenced by future inflation risks (source: However, the price of gold was really good at the beginning of the week, so if it does not continue to fall next week, we can expect positive changes and use the current situation to buy gold. says that the price of gold is likely to rise by no more than $ 2,000 an ounce this year. However, experts from believe its value could grow as high as $ 3,000 an ounce. At the beginning of the year the forecasts are different, so it remains to observe the rapidly changing situation.

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