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Sausio 12, 2022


Precious metals prices are fairly stable this week, with no more pronounced changes comparing with the last week. However, inflation and other causes that have a significant impact on precious metal prices are not going away. says that the current period is "silence before the storm" and some metal prices could rise in the near future. By the end of this month, it should be clearer in which direction the values of the metals will turn.
The price of gold fell to $ 1803.15 an ounce. says that gold took the opportunity when the US dollar weakened – the metal strengthened its value. Basically, the yellow metal started well this year, and its price is quite constant (source: Experts from recommend investing in gold now. In the long run, for example 10 years, gold is projected to have a favourable growth period (source:

Sausio 5, 2022

Almost all precious metal prices have fallen this week, with only copper rising slightly. However, it can be seen that the price reductions are not significant. According to, the main factors influencing the value of precious metals are the high value of the US dollar and rising inflation. These factors will certainly not go away for some time, so metal prices should not change in the near future (source:
The price of gold fell to $ 1804.35 an ounce. Experts believe that this new year for yellow metal will be a success (source: According to, the value of the metal remains really good during this volatile period. It can be said that gold will definitely not lose its popularity this year as well, with the possibility that its price will also rise. India, for example, spent a record $ 55.7 billion on gold imports last year (source:

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We collect and recycle waste resulting from direct activity of companies and organizations.

For companies interested in cooperation we offer wide spectrum of services.






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Our company will help you to make money. Old, outdated, broken down, unused automobile parts, electronic waste, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures are welcome to our buying centers and we will offer you a good price for it.








 We offer collaboration to intermediaries engaged in the search for clients willing to sell catalysts, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures, waste of electric and electronic equipment.






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