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Rugsėjo 20, 2023

This week is volatile in the precious metals market. And this is not surprising - the interest rates that continue to grow, aiming to stop inflation, and the phenomenon of inflation itself have a clear influence on the prices of precious metals. It looks like the economic situation will be just as volatile for at least another year. Still, on the whole, most precious metals are holding up well, and the promising outlook for some remains intact.
The price of gold increased this week. It is currently trading at $1,934.03 an ounce. says that the weakening of the US dollar may also have an impact on the increase in the value of the metal. China's desire to increase its gold reserves is not going anywhere - reserves continue to grow rapidly (source: says that gold is holding up really well in terms of market volatility. Experts predict that the price of the metal will definitely increase this year (source:

Rugsėjo 13, 2023

This week, the prices of all precious metals fell a bit, but it can be seen that the decreases in values are not significant, so it is a bit premature to predict that the prices of metals will continue to fall. This week's price changes were largely influenced by stronger inflation in the US (source: It's a really volatile year, but overall precious metals are still holding up well, and the outlook is still very bright for some.
The price of gold fell slightly. It is currently trading at $1,922.29 an ounce. says that the decline in the price of the yellow metal was influenced by changes in inflation in the United States. However, experts agree that the metal is still holding steady during this period (sources:, China is still taking advantage of the opportunity to increase gold reserves intensively (source: says that the price of gold will depend on further developments in inflation. Experts believe that in a year, gold could cost as much as $2,500 an ounce (source:

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We collect and recycle waste resulting from direct activity of companies and organizations.

For companies interested in cooperation we offer wide spectrum of services.






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Our company will help you to make money. Old, outdated, broken down, unused automobile parts, electronic waste, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures are welcome to our buying centers and we will offer you a good price for it.








 We offer collaboration to intermediaries engaged in the search for clients willing to sell catalysts, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures, waste of electric and electronic equipment.






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