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Kovo 3, 2021

Spring began with a fall in all precious metal prices. Recently, the situation has not been certain - the values of metals have fluctuated every week. It is also affected by rising inflation, the effects of the coronavirus and the rising US dollar (source: Predicting what will happen next week or in the near future is difficult. One can only be sure that those metals that have slowly increased their price and kept it in a stable position for a long time should not fall sharply.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,724.92 an ounce. The positive predictions promised by reviewers at the beginning of the year no longer make sense - the price of gold may not exceed $ 2,000 an ounce this year. says that by the end of the summer it will be clearer in which direction the price of gold will turn. Another reason for the falling price of gold is that investors sell their gold while its price is still satisfactory (source: This period is also not easy for gold mines, and considerable losses are calculated (source:

Vasario 24, 2021

Precious metal prices look good this week - some have fallen slightly, others have risen quite well. The threat of inflation, the pandemic, the fluctuating US dollar - these and other factors have a significant impact on the volatility of precious metal prices. It is really difficult to predict how the prices of precious metals will change during this period, as we keep getting different changes every week during this volatile period.
The price of gold fell to $ 1809.55 an ounce. says that gold is still the most reliable investment in any crisis period. In China, the demand for gold jewelry has skyrocketed, but it is unclear how long it will last (source: says that the yellow metal should be stable this year, costing around $ 2,000 an ounce in the end of 2021.

Business clients


We collect and recycle waste resulting from direct activity of companies and organizations.

For companies interested in cooperation we offer wide spectrum of services.






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Our company will help you to make money. Old, outdated, broken down, unused automobile parts, electronic waste, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures are welcome to our buying centers and we will offer you a good price for it.








 We offer collaboration to intermediaries engaged in the search for clients willing to sell catalysts, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures, waste of electric and electronic equipment.






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