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Kovo 27, 2024

This week the general trend can be observed - the prices of most of the precious metals fell minimally, only gold increased slightly. However, the changes are insignificant, so the forecasts for the future of precious metals do not change. says that movements in the US dollar are also stalling, which could help some metals rise. So, even though no more pronounced changes can be seen this week, it can be said that most of the future forecasts for metals are realistic.
The price of gold increased slightly. It is currently trading at $2,172.93 an ounce. says that this quarter, and maybe even this whole year, is very favourable for gold. This is proven by the fact that big countries like China are buying more gold; Russia, meanwhile, is looking for its own ways to extract more of the metal (source: But another trend is noticeable - Central and Eastern Europe invested 42% less in gold compared to last year - it is likely that the investment focus of these countries is in other areas (source:
The price of silver fell. It is currently priced at $24.69 an ounce. says that the value of the white metal is indeed stable. Experts do not lack positive predictions. They believe that this year will be good for this metal, just like gold, so it is worth investing now (source: notes that if gold's growth slows, silver should accelerate.
The price of palladium has fallen slightly, currently trading at $1,010.94 an ounce. Platinum has fallen in value, currently trading at $906.13 an ounce. says that European car production is picking up again, but this will not have a direct impact on the palladium price increase. Experts add that palladium is no longer a critical metal, so its demand is unlikely to grow (source: says that the price of platinum is still looking positive. However, with South African mining operations likely to decline in the fall, it is difficult to predict where the value of the metal will go next (source:

The price of copper has fallen slightly this week, currently trading at $8,815.84 a tonne. The outlook for the metal remains unchanged, with mines expanding as demand for copper grows (source: And these minimal price fluctuations do not significantly affect the future of the metal, which will be bright this year.