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Kovo 19, 2024

Precious metal prices are relatively stable this week. The prices of some metals barely fell, while the values of others even increased. says the stronger US dollar is a hindrance for some metals to increase their value. However, it should be remembered that the exchange rate of this currency is constantly fluctuating, so it is likely that the situation is temporary. says investors are also watching inflation data, which so far doesn't bode well, but it's helping some metals increase their value.
The price of gold has fallen minimally. It is currently trading at $2,162.15 an ounce. says that inflation sometimes causes volatility in the decision-making of investors, who need time to decide what is worth investing in. However, gold has been one of the most reliable investments of all precious metals for many years. Meanwhile, in China, young investors are also fearlessly investing in the yellow metal (sources:, predicts that the value of gold will rise to $2,500 an ounce.
The price of silver increased. It is currently priced at $25.09 an ounce. says that silver is still cheap and investors should invest now. Experts believe that it is worth investing in this metal during such a volatile period, since its demand is constantly growing and silver is considered a safe investment (source: predicts that silver will soon rise to $26 an ounce.
The price of palladium has fallen slightly, currently trading at $1,033.29 an ounce. Platinum has fallen in value, currently trading at $919.12 an ounce. says there is an increase in demand for palladium. And the increase in demand is influenced by the car manufacturing sector (source: However, more pronounced changes in the price of this metal are still difficult to predict. The price of platinum is still volatile, but experts believe that the value of the metal is slowly approaching the $1,000 an ounce mark (source: It is still difficult to predict whether the value of platinum will settle at a higher level.

This week, the most impressive increase in the value was copper’s price, which is currently at $8,950.77 a tonne. says that this is another price record for the metal and looks set to continue to do well as major Chilean mines continue to talk about expansion projects.