Metal recycling and recovery

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Sausio 12, 2022

Precious metals prices are fairly stable this week, with no more pronounced changes comparing with the last week. However, inflation and other causes that have a significant impact on precious metal prices are not going away. says that the current period is "silence before the storm" and some metal prices could rise in the near future. By the end of this month, it should be clearer in which direction the values of the metals will turn.
The price of gold fell to $ 1803.15 an ounce. says that gold took the opportunity when the US dollar weakened – the metal strengthened its value. Basically, the yellow metal started well this year, and its price is quite constant (source: Experts from recommend investing in gold now. In the long run, for example 10 years, gold is projected to have a favourable growth period (source:
The price of silver has fallen only slightly to $ 22.51 an ounce. says that silver has entered 2022 with confidence. In general, the price of the metal has been relatively stable lately (source: Experts’ opinion differs while talking on the future of the metal: some believe that investing in white metal will be rewarding (source: Others are a little more cautious, believing that coronavirus will not increase demand for the metal, including its price (source: How it really will be, we will see in a few months.
The price of palladium rose to $ 1932.7 an ounce. The price of platinum has fallen: the metal currently costs $ 957.51 an ounce. says that there should be no major changes in palladium or platinum values in the near future. This year should be really good for both metals - experts promise a guaranteed increase in palladium and platinum prices (source:
News from the car market: the highlights of this year will be rising car prices, recovering sales and slightly shorter production times, the development of electric cars and the potential innovations that start-ups will offer (sources:,,

The price of copper fell to $ 9747.74 a tonne. Some fluctuation in the price of copper is common, but in principle it can be observed that the metal is constant. Many copper mines are expanding and developing because of the growing demand for the metal (source: