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Balandžio 28, 2021

Precious metal prices look quite good this week - some metals have even reached its record high positions. Precious metals are not expected to fall in the second quarter of this year. says that each metal has its own reasons why their price should not fall. Reviewers from this source are also convinced that metal prices should even rise. And this week it can already be noticed.
The price of gold rose to $ 1,782.07 an ounce. says that the yellow metal is stuck so far - its price has been in a similar position in recent weeks. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is already visible - the demand for gold for jewelry is growing rapidly in India (source: says that gold imports in China are also expected to grow potentially in the near future. According to, investors' attention for gold is not disappearing.
The price of silver rose to $ 26.23 an ounce. According to, the advantage of the white metal is its widespread use in now-needed and popular technology areas: 5G network, solar panel production, etc. confirms that investment in solar panels will increase significantly this year. As the demand for silver grows, so should its price. predicts that the price of the metal could grow as high as $ 32 an ounce this year.
The price of palladium doesn't stop growing - it now costs $ 2,939 an ounce. The price of platinum also rose to $ 1,261 an ounce. says that the shortage of palladium continues to grow, and the demand does not decrease, so it will continue to increase its price for some time. After a while, however, the price of the metal will stabilize (source: Meanwhile, the price of platinum should grow slowly but surely - the demand for metal is growing in the production of eco-friendly cars, and their demand will also increase over the years (source:
Diesel car sales in Europe fell, according to A new trend: major car manufacturers are committing to producing environmentally friendly cars (source: For example, Honda representatives said that in the future they will produce cars with zero emissions (source:

The price of copper is growing at a record high - it currently costs $ 9888.17 a tonne. This is the highest value of the metal in the last ten years. Its need is still growing, and the mines are already beginning to expand. It should come as no surprise that copper will cost $ 10,000 a tonne next week (source: