Metal recycling and recovery

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Balandžio 22, 2021

The prices of all precious metals have risen this week. This is a rather rare phenomenon in recent times and it happened largely due to the fall of the US dollar (source: However, experts do not stop to talk about inflation - the phenomenon is constantly approaching, and according to some sources, it has already reached some countries (source: It is worth considering  investment choices now before inflation has picked up.
The price of gold rose to $ 1771.60 an ounce. According to, the fall of the US dollar had the biggest impact on the rise in the price of the yellow metal, with the world's central banks rapidly increasing their gold reserves. China is also ready for large volumes of gold imports (source: The demand for gold jewelry in India is growing as their traditional wedding season approaches (source: says that the price of gold could potentially rise to $ 1,800 an ounce in the near future.
The price of silver rose to $ 25.84 an ounce. According to, silver may soon become a more desirable investment than gold, as demand for silver is already planned for the next eight years, which means that demand for it will grow steadily each year. Various manufacturing sectors, jewellery, technology, pharmacy industries - the need for silver covers a wide range of areas (source: says that the price of silver could rise to $ 26 an ounce in the near future.
The price of palladium has also risen sharply this week - it now costs $ 2,829 an ounce. The price of platinum also rose to $ 1214.67 an ounce. says that the price of palladium is already close to record highs. This metal is in a vicious circle - its demand is constantly growing and the shortage does not disappear, so it is the ideal formula for the increase in the price of any metal (source: The price of platinum is expected to remain in a similar position for some time without major fluctuations (source: says that after a year of a pandemic, car sales in Europe are slowly but surely recovering. However, car sales in China are recovering much faster and stronger than in Europe (sources:,

This week the price of copper jumped as high as $ 9342.09 a tonne. says that it is the highest copper price in the last nine years. The situation is similar to palladium - demand is growing, there is a shortage of metal, and finally its price is rising. This should continue in the near future.