Metal recycling and recovery

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Rugsėjo 12, 2019

The price of all precious metals went up last week. This week is a bit different. Some metals increased their values slightly, others – decreased. Usually, after rapid price spikes, growth stops a bit, but that's not a bad sign. It is worth taking advantage of this situation - buying metal cheaper and then investing it successfully (source:
This week, the gold price dropped to $ 1487.6 an ounce. Gold and other metals are affected by the US-China trade war, the Hong Kong events, Brexit (source: Commentators from believe that the price of gold may continue to fall if these factors are not reversed. Still, says that gold remains a serious investment and people should invest in it. Russia is increasing gold reserves, in China the demand reduced (sources:,
Suddenly jumped - quickly fell. This is how the price of silver in recent weeks can be described. Still, the value did not fall significantly, rising to $ 19.5 an ounce at the beginning of the week. The metal is now priced at $ 18.06 an ounce. Experts say that there is still plenty of room for white metal to grow and its price should definitely go up (source:
The price of platinum fell, and palladium rose slightly. Palladium now costs $ 1,559.5 an ounce; while platinum at $ 930.5 an ounce. In Japan, overall car sales fell, while in Europe, only diesel sales decreased; the demand for electric cars is growing (sources:, Commentators are particularly positive about platinum - its highest growth in 1.5 years, with demand rising 9% in 2019 (sources:, It is believed that the rising demand for platinum is bound to push the price of the metal in the future - now is the perfect time to invest in it (source:

The price of copper continues to rise slightly, currently at $ 5771.7 a tonne. China is losing its copper imports due to sanctions from the US, but this does not prevent the metal to slowly recover (source: For example, at the beginning of the week, the metal was priced at almost $ 5,830 a tonne. Big mines around the world do not complain about the lack of jobs - for example, the Generation Mining mine in the state of Toronto (US) is expanding its mining space (source: