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Vasario 6, 2024

This week's trends are very clear - prices of all precious metals have decreased. However, observing the drop in prices, it can be concluded that for now this decrease is rather insignificant and it should not have a long-term impact. In the long-term perspective of this year, a bright future is predicted for some metals, so minor changes are not something that should be paid much attention to.
The price of gold fell. It is currently priced at $2025.58 an ounce. Experts seem to agree that this year will be good for gold - the further it goes, the more the price of the metal will rise (sources:, Investing in gold has also become a new trend. This metal is in high demand in China (source: Central banks are also considered the main buyers of gold (source: According to the forecasts, it is really worth investing in gold this year.
The price of silver keeps up with the trends. It is currently trading at $22.32 an ounce. says that the value of silver is not in line with market trends. Demand for the metal is high, with a recent surge in the solar power generation sector (source: There is even a metal deficit (source: However, experts believe that sooner or later the price of silver will rise (source:
The price of palladium has fallen, currently trading at $953.95 an ounce. Platinum also fell, currently trading at $900.78 an ounce. Forecasts for palladium are unlikely to change much this year. The demand for metal is falling significantly. says that metal production in Russia will also fall this year. The platinum situation is also a bit murky. says that platinum is still holding its value at the moment, but for how long? Experts note that metal production in South African mines will also fall somewhat this year. Investments in palladium and platinum do not yet appear to be as profitable as in gold.

The price of copper has fallen and is currently at $8,334.13 a tonne. However, this price drop does not predict negative changes, it is more of a temporary situation. says that this year the need for copper will definitely not decrease, but rather, copper will be needed more and more. Then it's another worthwhile investment.