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Rugsėjo 13, 2023

This week, the prices of all precious metals fell a bit, but it can be seen that the decreases in values are not significant, so it is a bit premature to predict that the prices of metals will continue to fall. This week's price changes were largely influenced by stronger inflation in the US (source: It's a really volatile year, but overall precious metals are still holding up well, and the outlook is still very bright for some.
The price of gold fell slightly. It is currently trading at $1,922.29 an ounce. says that the decline in the price of the yellow metal was influenced by changes in inflation in the United States. However, experts agree that the metal is still holding steady during this period (sources:, China is still taking advantage of the opportunity to increase gold reserves intensively (source: says that the price of gold will depend on further developments in inflation. Experts believe that in a year, gold could cost as much as $2,500 an ounce (source:
The price of silver also fell. It is currently trading at $23.1 an ounce. says that this change in the price of silver is also directly related to the weaker US dollar. Experts predict that the price of the metal should not fall further (source: adds that silver is now in a pretty strong position.
The price of palladium continues to fall, currently trading at $1,222.65 an ounce. Platinum has followed the trend and also declined, currently trading at $904.38 an ounce. China is not only aggressively increasing its gold reserves, but also other metals, including palladium (source: However, it does not seem that this affects the price of palladium and experts do not share predictions that the price of the metal may rise.
Meanwhile, the price of platinum has now fallen somewhat, but experts note that platinum will be extremely needed in the car manufacturing sector - they predict that there will be a large deficit of the metal (sources:, The value of platinum appears to have the potential to rise.

The price of copper has fallen a bit this week, currently trading at $8,373.16 a tonne. predicts that its value should increase soon as the market situation in China also improves.