Metal recycling and recovery

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Birželio 22, 2022

This week the precious metals’ market has undergone some changes: the prices of some metals have risen, while others have fallen slightly. However, the price changes are not very pronounced, so it can be said that now is quite stagnant period. Even the US dollar remains stable (source: Inflation continues to rise - an interesting period awaits (source:
The price of gold rose to $ 1,839.49 an ounce. says that the growth in the value of the yellow metal may be slow for some time. The European Union's sanctions on Russia will also affect the trade in gold (source: Still, experts from the same source believe that gold will do well during the economic crisis. Demand for this metal is recovering in China (source:
The price of silver is rising slightly - currently the metal costs $ 21.61 an ounce. says that the price of white metal should rise to $ 22.1 an ounce so it could potentially go up further. Experts at say that it is still difficult to predict whether the value of silver will rise because the metal is still relatively volatile.
The price of palladium has risen slightly - the metal is currently costing $ 1,864.18 an ounce. The price of platinum has fallen very minimally, it can be said that the price of the metal has not changed for a week - it currently costs $ 938 an ounce. Both metals are affected by inflation, which is expected to have a negative impact on both palladium and platinum (source: says the price of platinum may fall further. The value of palladium may also decline due to stagnant car sales (source: says that automotive logistics chains are slowly recovering, despite being severely affected by the war in Ukraine. Interesting fact: it is estimated that in 2027 there will be more than 1 million hydrogen-powered cars worldwide (source:

The price of copper has not been falling so sharply for a long time. It currently costs $ 8919.9 a tonne. Mine workers from major copper mines in Chile are on strike, and demand for the metal has not disappeared in China, so value is likely to recover (source: