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Rugsėjo 12, 2019

The price of all precious metals went up last week. This week is a bit different. Some metals increased their values slightly, others – decreased. Usually, after rapid price spikes, growth stops a bit, but that's not a bad sign. It is worth taking advantage of this situation - buying metal cheaper and then investing it successfully (source:

Rugsėjo 6, 2019

Precious metals’ graphs look very good this week - prices of all metals have risen. The situation deserves a lot of interest, as two important factors, which have had a significant impact on the metal price fall, are currently not affecting metals. For example, the US dollar has reached its highest position in the last two years (source: The trade war between the US and China continues (source:

Rugpjūčio 29, 2019

The summer ends with a very positive outlook - prices of almost all precious metals, except palladium and copper, have risen. Last year, experts predicted that 2019 will be a successful year for precious metals - as we can see now, they were not mistaken. However, it is worth keeping an eye on the metals’ prices for the last four months - the price-boom may not last long (source:

Rugpjūčio 23, 2019

Precious metals’ graphs look quite good at the end of August - gold, silver and palladium are adding their value, while platinum and copper prices have fallen just slightly. Looking at recent weeks, the situation could be expected to improve further by the end of this year, if rapid and drastic events in the world's strongest economies will not happen (source:

Rugpjūčio 16, 2019

This week has been a very favourable one for the precious metals market - prices of all precious metals have risen, some at record levels. Precious metals are currently less influenced by global economic factors such as the US-China trade war, the economic crisis and so on (source: This positive situation is expected to continue for some time.
Gold has soared to a record high this week - metal is now priced at $ 1501.48 an ounce. Experts believe that gold is very favourable for this period and that its price may rise rapidly - investors should not be surprised that the value of gold may rise as high as $ 2,000 an ounce (sources:, Investors say it's hard to lose when you invest in gold, especially during a favourable period - metal is a time-tested and reliable investment (source:

Rugpjūčio 8, 2019

The first week of August is quite different than the last one, with prices of all precious metals (except gold) falling. Changes in metal prices have been partly influenced by the following factors: the US dollar loses its dominant currency label, and the China-US trade war is gaining momentum again (source:
The price of yellow metal is rising fast again - currently at $ 1473.33 an ounce. Economists say that gold should be the main focus for investors right now, as it is probably the best investment (source: According to, the US-China trade war can bring a lot of benefits to gold - it will remain strong in recent years and value could rise to $ 1,500 an ounce in the near future.

Rugpjūčio 1, 2019

This week, the precious metal graphs are very uneven - the beginning of the week was quite strong, after that the situation has worsened, but metal prices have rebounded in recent days. Almost all precious metals have risen compared to last week, but that doesn't necessarily mean that investors can stay calm and hope for a better August, as the US dollar grows again and global inflation is quite worrying (sources:,

Liepos 25, 2019

The end of July is looking pretty good so far - all precious metals, except palladium, are strengthening their positions, mainly influenced by the US dollar. It has weakened again - experts say that the currency is in a relatively low position compared to last month (source: It is important to add that precious metals are also affected by the global economic crisis, with some countries rushing to invest in metals, which increases their cost. This period remains really interesting, so it's worth watching what happens next in the precious metals market until the end of summer.

Liepos 18, 2019

This week precious metals look quite good – many of the prices have risen slightly. The value of several metals has decreased slightly, but the number is not significant. Currently, metals are mostly influenced by two economic factors: the US dollar growth and global inflation (sources:, As these factors have been around for some time and the values of precious metals are quite good, it can be expected that the situation may improve even more in the near future.

Liepos 5, 2019

This week the precious metals market had some interesting changes - platinum and palladium prices have risen, gold has remained stable, and silver and copper have fallen. Important reasons for these changes include: the fall of the US dollar, the end of the China-US trade war and US President Donald Trump's statements on additional tariffs for European countries (sources:,, It will be interesting to observe how the precious metals will perform in the coming weeks, as these changes will have a long-term impact.