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Gegužės 25, 2022

Precious metal prices have remained fairly similar in recent weeks. Palladium is experiencing a more pronounced change – the metal price is falling, while copper price is recovering. There should be no major deviations in metal prices in any direction for some time to come, as inflation, the war in Ukraine and other important consequences are nowhere to be found (source:
Gold currently costs $ 1853.95 an ounce. says that the price of the yellow metal is doing quite well, as the growth of the US dollar has slowed down a bit. Experts say that investors' attention to gold has risen sharply recently (source: Forecasts for the price of metal are various. Some say the value of the metal will remain at $ 1,850 an ounce for some time (source: Others believe that the metal will fall below $ 1,837 an ounce (source: How it really will be, we will see in a few weeks.

Gegužės 11, 2022

Only the price of platinum has risen this week. All other precious metals declined. It can be seen that there is some price volatility during this period. The war in Ukraine, China's coronavirus policy, and rising inflation are having a major impact on both precious metals and other commodities (source: According to, inflation has doubled this year compared to the last year. Investors continue to monitor changes in inflation, on which their actions depend.
The price of gold dropped to $ 1854.09 an ounce. says that the rise in the price of the yellow metal has stalled due to the slowdown in the US dollar growth. Experts also say that investors are cautious about where to invest due to inflation (source: Forecasts for the price of the metal are mixed. In the short term, gold should cost as much as it does now - there should be no bigger change (source: But it could cost $ 2,000 an ounce at the end of the year (source:

Gegužės 4, 2022

The prices of some precious metals have risen this week, while others continue to fall. During this period, various events are taking place around the world that have a significant impact on the value of precious metals: the Russian war in Ukraine, the halt in production in China due to the new coronavirus policy, and rising inflation (source: It is difficult to predict where the prices of precious metals will continue to go - different scenarios can be expected. However, there should be no significant price deviations.
The price of gold dropped to $ 1862.88 an ounce. says that the main reason for the fall in gold price this week is the slowdown in manufacturing processes in China. Still, it’s worth considering buying gold when its price has dropped - it can be a good investment for the future. Experts say that demand for gold jewellery could grow by 11% this year (sources:, According to, the price of gold is forecast to grow by 3%.

Balandžio 27, 2022

Precious metals prices were in high positions last week, but this cannot last long. The values of all metals fell this week, and even some significantly. The prevailing global inflation, the ongoing war in Ukraine and its consequences have a significant impact on metal prices. The US dollar continues to strengthen during this period (sources:,
The price of gold fell to $ 1,899.64 an ounce. says that the yellow metal is always praised as a safe investment in times of crisis and inflation, but so far it seems the opposite - the value of the metal does not look strong. However, in the long run, the value of gold remains in a fairly similar position. Gold exports from Switzerland to the United States rose sharply in March (source: predicts that the price of the metal may fall further for some time to about $ 1,760 an ounce.

Balandžio 20, 2022

All precious metal prices rose slightly this week. Such fluctuations can certainly be expected in this volatile period, when inflation is not disappearing and the war in Ukraine is still going on (source: Factories stopped working in China because of quarantine (source: The US dollar is strengthening, with sources saying it is also a safe investment during the crisis (source:
The price of gold rose to $ 1977.21 an ounce. says that now it’s a little harder for the yellow metal to raise its price while the US dollar is strong. However, the metal is projected to have a good future - it is expected to soon reach $ 2,000 an ounce (source:

Balandžio 13, 2022

Observing the precious metal price graphs, one trend can be seen - in general, the values have been fairly constant in recent weeks with minimal deviations. Precious metals prices are mainly affected by the war in Ukraine and inflation, so investors are closely monitoring these changes (sources:, It looks like metal values should remain in similar positions for some time to come.
The price of gold rose to $ 1952.87 an ounce. Experts say that demand for yellow metal has picked up again in the past month (sources:, This is a good sign that has a positive effect on the price of the metal. predicts that the value of gold should rise to $ 2,000 an ounce. An interesting fact: Russia's central bank has decided to stop buying gold at fixed prices; Russia is also unable to sell its gold on the world's largest London market (source:

Balandžio 6, 2022

Precious metals prices are not following the same trend this week. The values of some metals increased and others – decreased. However, the changes are not very significant, so it can be said that prices have been relatively stable lately. According to, as long as the war in Ukraine takes place, the value of metals will remain relatively high, and their demand will certainly not decrease. adds that inflation will also go hand in hand with the war crisis, which will also prevent metal prices from falling sharply.
The price of gold rose to $ 1933.5 an ounce. According to, demand for gold is stable and purchasing power is growing. Reviewers say that inflation and the war in Ukraine have had a major impact on the growth in demand for gold, with the metal being as a safe currency (source: However, this does not mean that the price of yellow metal will rise due to the growing demand. The US dollar is currently stable and strong, which is holding back the rise in the value of gold (source:

Kovo 30, 2022

The changes this week are a bit different than expected - the prices of precious metals, although slightly, are falling. Evaluating the graphs of precious metal values, it can be noticed that the fall has taken place in the last few days, so it can be expected that the situation will change in the opposite direction this week. This drop in prices is also happening because there is a hope that the war between Ukraine and Russia will end sooner (source: Meanwhile, the US dollar exchange rate and demand are growing strongly during this period (source:
The price of gold fell to $ 1924.29 an ounce. believes that when demand for the yellow metal is currently on the rise, investors will take advantage of the fall in prices and buy gold. Interestingly, the fall in the price of gold this time is also affected by the growth of the US dollar (source: Another interesting fact: reviewers think that Russians may be trying to circumvent sanctions by paying in gold (source:

Kovo 23, 2022

Observing the changes in the prices of precious metals this week, it can be noticed that the prices of many precious metals are gradually rising again. A similar scenario could have been expected, as there is unlikely to be unified stability during this difficult period. states that although the war has been going on for almost a month, it is still difficult to predict how the prices of precious metals will change: there are a number of reasons that could change the values of metals.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,935.94 an ounce. says that the volatility of the metal price is caused by inflation, which is unlikely to go away for a long time to come. As the war lasts longer, inflation will only deepen. However, the yellow metal has its title as a safe investment and its demand is not diminishing (source: predicts the metal will cost $ 2,200 an ounce by the end of the year.

Kovo 2, 2022

The precious metals market is currently stable - unlike the Russian ruble. When Russia started the war against Ukraine, not only the European Union, but also almost the whole world applies various economic (and not only) sanctions against Russia. Russia is a major player in the global economy, so there will certainly be changes in the precious metals market (source: The US dollar is strengthening and precious metals are not losing interest during the war (source: It remains to be seen how precious metal prices will continue to change.
The price of gold has dropped very minimally - it currently costs $ 1907.68 an ounce. says that during such crisis, the yellow metal is gaining a lot of popularity and its price is usually rising. And this is already being confirmed in China, with a sharp jump in demand for gold (source: says that gold is expected to cost $ 1,920 an ounce soon, but this price will be temporary, depending on the course of the war, sanctions, and so on.