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Gruodžio 8, 2021

This period can be described as a period of uncertainty. It is seen in all markets, including precious metals. Metals’ prices remained fairly stable this week, with no significant fall or growth. says that metal prices are likely to rise more slowly over the period, but some are expected to fall steadily. It should come as no surprise that a shortage of some metals will begin, which will naturally increase their value. There should be no more drastic changes this month, but the next year can be expected to be very interesting.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,781.78 an ounce. says that inflation and a strong US dollar have had the biggest impact on the value of gold over the past month. However, what will happen next is a bit vague. says that gold lacks investors’ support. Yellow metal is expected to cost about $ 1,792 an ounce in the near future (source: says that the value of gold should stabilize.
The price of silver fell to $ 22.41 an ounce. says that investors did not expect the price of white metal to continue to fall - they have high hopes for the metal. Still, believes that the value of silver is just about to recover and cost up to $ 22.8 an ounce. Experts from recommend starting to invest in silver now because its price is affordable and it is a safe investment.
The price of palladium rose to $ 1,868 an ounce. It can be noticed that the price of this metal fluctuates quite strongly every week - sometimes it rises significantly, and sometimes, on the contrary - it falls. It should come as no surprise that this situation will recur on the next year as the semiconductor chip crisis will not go away for some time (source: It is important to note that car manufacturers have been planning to raise car prices on January; inflation is in all sectors (source:
The price of platinum has fallen. The metal currently costs $ 947 an ounce. And while the value of the metal has not been rising for some time, experts believe that the growing demand for the metal will increase its price (sources:,

The price of copper rose to $ 9574.01 a tonne. It is not news that the value of copper is rising as imports to China increase (source: Will the price of copper be the same on the next year? Probably not, as there should be no copper deficit because the mines increase their capacity (source: