Metal recycling and recovery

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Spalio 27, 2021

The values of all metals, except copper, rose this week. Metal prices are likely to recover towards the end of the year. Still, says that economies will grow slowly and inflation will rise further. According to experts from, inflation will remain above 2% for some time to come.
The price of gold rose to $ 1808.44 an ounce. The value of the yellow metal is rising slowly but surely so far (source: According to, the value of gold is expected to rise to $ 1,834 an ounce in the near future. Experts from say that during the financial crisis, the most reliable metal for investment will always be gold - compared to other metals, its value will decrease the least, and will always increase when better times come.
The value of silver rose to $ 24.54 an ounce. says that the price of silver has remained in a good position for more than a month - it has been growing slowly lately. The increase in the value of silver is influenced by the fluctuation of the US dollar exchange rate and the growing demand in many industries (sources:, According to, the price of silver will be in the range of $ 24.5-25 an ounce. says that the price of the metal will definitely rise as its mining has slowed.
The price of palladium rose to $ 2,067 an ounce. Platinum also rose to $ 1,064 an ounce. says that the value of palladium does not have a strong position above $ 2,000 an ounce - it could fall at any time. However, it is no longer a secret that the fall in the price of palladium is directly related to changes in the car market, so the value of the metal will largely depend on this (source: The value of platinum still lacks stability: the price of the metal will fluctuate in the range of $ 1035-1072 an ounce for some time (source:
News from the car market: in China, car sales fell in the third quarter, but electric cars increased (sources:, According to, due to the lack of chips, sales of car parts are also falling for the French company Faurecia, which fell by 10% in the third quarter of this year. Many car factories are stalling their work precisely because of chip shortage (source:

The price of copper fell sharply to $ 9,905.81 a tonne. says that this sharp drop in the price of copper was very unexpected. Demand for the metal did not fall significantly during the week, so it is worth watching in which direction the price of copper will continue to go.