Metal recycling and recovery

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Vasario 17, 2021

As it was expected, precious metal prices have recovered comparing with the last week. Only the price of gold fell. The US dollar is recovering, which is having a negative effect on the price of gold (source: The period of the coming months will be crucial: COVID-19 vaccination, a change in U.S. government will have a major impact on changes in precious metal prices. How they will change in the coming months is not yet clear, but after these changes it will be possible to predict how the values of precious metals will look like at the end of the year.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,819.65 an ounce. Although gold is no longer shining, central banks around the world continue to increase its reserves (source: In China, demand for gold has fallen very minimally since the last year, possibly recovering by the end of the year (source: However, as it can be seen, gold is volatile so far. says that as inflation picks up, the price of gold could fall below the $ 1,800 an ounce mark in the end of the year.
The price of white metal rose to $ 27.59 an ounce. says that the value of silver should consolidate its strong position and continue to grow - it could cost $ 27.8 an ounce next week. It is important to mention that the shortage of silver is growing, which has an impact on the rise in the price of the metal (source: Basically, while silver costs less than $ 30 an ounce, it's still cheap, so now is a great time for investors to invest in this metal (source:
Palladium rose to $ 2,406.26 an ounce and platinum to $ 1,315 an ounce. The next few years the value of palladium will increase, as the demand for this metal will grow every year in car manufacturing (source: However, in 2023, the demand for the metal will stabilize and the deficit will decrease, which will reduce the price of palladium.
Platinum, meanwhile, has reached its highest value in the past six years (source: The value of platinum has risen by as much as 21% this year (source: says that such a sharp rise in the price of platinum heralds impending inflation. Whether this rising price bubble will burst remains to be seen.

The price of copper continues to rise - it currently costs $ 8,438.19 a tonne. Demand for the metal continues to rise sharply, mining operations have slowed due to the coronavirus, and inflation is approaching: copper price is likely to continue to rise (source: