Metalų Biržos

Sausio 27, 2021

The end of the first month of this year looks pretty good - compared to the recent weeks, all metal prices are starting to recover. This was especially noticeable at the beginning of this week. Reviewers predict that demand for all precious metals will grow this year (source: Positive price changes can be expected. The new US President Joe Biden with new economic changes and relationship between China (and other countries) will have an effect on precious metals prices. And, of course, with the acceleration of coronavirus vaccination, many changes in the precious metals market can also be expected in the summer. As mentioned, the changes are expected to be positive for investors.
The price of the yellow metal rose to $ 1,855.83 an ounce from last week. says that this year will be great for gold - it promises that its price could rise up to $ 2,300 an ounce. There are other reasons which approve that this year will be positive for gold. For example, gold imports in China rose by 71% in December last year alone (source: Turkey plans to produce more than 100 tons of gold each year over the next five years (source: Russia is not lagging behind either - it sees a potential in gold and promotes the work of its mines (source:
The price of white metal has also risen, currently costing $ 25.36 an ounce. It can be seen that it is now difficult for silver to rise above the $ 26 an ounce mark (source: However, the same source says that silver should recover this year. Experts from say investors are now investing more heavily in gold and silver, so their interest is certainly not accidental.
The price of palladium rose to $ 2,350.16 an ounce this week, and platinum to $ 1,104 an ounce. If palladium’s price price falls below $ 2,300 / oz, it will be a sign to sell (source: If the price continues to rise, the value of the metal will be safe. The future of platinum is still uncertain: at the beginning of the year, its value seemed to grow rapidly, but now it can be seen that this is happening quite slowly and not smoothly (source: However, urges to monitor the changes in platinum’s price, because they believe that it will definitely rise further.

The price of copper fell slightly this week to $ 7996.83 a tonne. says that after the Chinese New Year, the demand for copper will increase even more, along with its price. The same source does not even doubt that the price of copper will continue to hold a strong position this year due to the effects of COVID-19.