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Lapkričio 28, 2019

Gold, silver and platinum prices are lower this week than last week. The price of copper is rising. Palladium - is growing again in record speed. Such price volatility is largely influenced by inflation and the depreciation of the US dollar (source: The tension between the US and China are important and still endless (source: However, experts say that precious metals should be more expensive next year. If this is the case, now is the perfect time to invest.
According to, this week is not very successful for gold. The metal is currently priced at $ 1,460.75 / oz. While China's demand for gold remains strong, overall, it is at its lowest level since 2016 October. ( source:, However, changes in the need for gold do not have much impact - the metal has earned the confidence of investors. estimates that yellow metal could cost $ 1,600 / oz next year.
The price of silver has dropped to $ 17.08 / oz. Demand for this metal, as well as gold, has decreased (source: Still, forecasts for silver are favourable. says that now it is still worth investing in silver. As the metal is viewed favourably by investors, white metal prices are expected to rise at record rates next year (sources:, If these predictions come true, it is now an extremely good time to buy silver.
Palladium continues to break price records. Currently priced at $ 1,813.5 / oz. Platinum prices have fallen, but marginally to $ 907.5 / oz. Palladium and platinum are not affected even by falling car sales - sales are expected to even worsen more next year (source: There is an increasing focus on sustainable vehicles - electric cars. Both platinum and palladium can be used in the manufacture of electric cars (source: So, it should come as no surprise that the metals’ deficit will worsen, and the price will rise (source: says that palladium could cost $ 2,000 / oz next year. Meanwhile, platinum will have a profitable year - metal is in need in the chemical sector, so its deficit (and price) will increase (source:

Copper grows steadily. Currently priced at $ 5952.48 / t. In Mongolia and Chile mines of this metal are expanding (source: However, mining workers' protests in the same Chile are slowing down the work of the big mines.