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Lapkričio 21, 2019

Many precious metals have kept their prices stable compared to last week. The values of some even increased. Towards the end of this year, the prices can be expected to remain stable, as the key factors influencing precious metals values are not yet showing significant changes (source:
Yellow metal remained steady as it did last week. It currently costs $ 1473.4 / oz. says that it is worth keeping your gold reserves now for yourself, as this metal will be an even more successful investment in the near future. Experts estimate that the price of this metal could well exceed $ 1,500 / oz next year. (source:
Silver, like gold, kept its price constant. Currently priced at $ 17.17 / oz. Clearly, it fell nearly $ 1 a few weeks ago. says that white metal will stabilize at $ 17 / oz for some time. Still, the forecasts for this metal are quite favourable - the metal is likely to grow as high as $ 20 / oz next year (source: Changes in the price of gold are also worth keeping in mind as these metals are closely linked.
Palladium prices have risen - currently to $ 1759.5 / oz. Platinum also rose to $ 909.5 / oz. Although car sales in China are falling again, this does not adversely affect both palladium and platinum prices (source: Palladium is named the best metal for investors of 2020 - and its price is likely to rise in the coming years (source: Russia has big plans for platinum and palladium - it is developing a new project and plans to be the top mining country for these metals (source: It is important to note that platinum price does not grow so fast because of major mine workers' strike on wage increases - work stops during strikes (source: However, large mines tend to negotiate with workers, so the price of platinum should rise again after the strikes.

Copper prices have also risen slightly since last week to $ 5859.89 / t. One of the largest copper mines in Chile, Codelco has received approval from the Ecuadorian mine Enami to develop a new mine project near the capital of Ecuador (source: Copper mining operations are not stopping, so we can expect both the end of the year and the beginning of the next year to look positive.