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Spalio 10, 2019

Trends are repeating, with prices of all precious metals falling one week and rising the next. This has also happened in recent weeks, as metal prices have fallen before. Weak US dollar, slightly easing tensions between China and US have a positive impact on metal prices (source: It is useful to look on metals which are projected with a bright future, as well as those with the lowest risk.
The price of gold has finally surpassed $ 1,500 an ounce again. The easing of the US-China trade war (source: is the main driver of gold price growth. China is taking advantage of this situation by cautiously increasing its gold reserves in small quantities (source: Reviewers still believe that gold will cost $ 1,600 an ounce by the end of the year (source:
The price of silver has risen again - this time to $ 17.74 an ounce. A source says that both gold and silver look like promising metals. Investors are not afraid to take risks and are investing in white metal, which is also affecting the silver price (source: The price of the metal is currently stagnant, but it is possible that it will soon exceed $ 18 an ounce (source:
Palladium prices are rising at record speeds - currently reaching $ 1672.5 an ounce (source Platinum prices have also risen to $ 890.5 an ounce. says palladium overshadows platinum with its rapid price increase. Reviewers from believe it's worth investing in both metals - they are probably a better investment than gold and silver. Those who want to invest only in platinum can rejoice - investors expect even greater value growth (source: believes that now is the perfect time to invest in platinum. After all, its price is increasing due to limited quantities - it seems that the shortage will not go away (source:

Copper is slightly behind other metals this week at $ 5661.47 a tonne. But work does not stop, and sometimes there are obstacles: China has taken over control of the Congo mine, and there are also some events in Ecuador regarding mining (source: Interesting: satellites are being developed to monitor copper supply worldwide.