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Spalio 4, 2019

October began with a price fall in almost all precious metals - only palladium remained at the same level as last week. However, this is not necessarily a bad situation - metal prices may rise again in the near future, and cheaper prices may be beneficial (source:
The price of yellow metal has dropped to $ 1478.85 an ounce. Experts believe that this situation is short-lived. says that it's only a matter of time before gold will cost $ 1,600 an ounce. Apart from this price cross, gold holds a pretty strong position. The trade war between the US and China is easing - the import of gold into China is so important that sanctions are less severe. The number of gold imports in this country is gradually increasing again (source:
It is no surprise that the value of silver has also fallen this week. The metal is currently priced at $ 17.26 an ounce. believes that this price drop has not yet determined the future of silver. On the contrary, metal is near the start line and its price will surely increase. Maybe up to $ 20 an ounce (source: It is important to note that investment in white metal has increased by as much as 82% (source:
The price of palladium remained the same as last week at $ 1657.5 an ounce. It can be seen that the price of metal has been rising throughout the week and has fallen slightly only in recent days. Platinum price dropped to $ 876.5 an ounce. Car sales in September look pretty good - although they have stalled in recent months, things are improving now (source: Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of palladium is also rising - there is a strong metal deficit. It should come as no surprise that its price could go up to $ 1,700 an ounce - nearly the same value as last week (source: Changes in the price of platinum are also worth watching - experts recommend investing in this metal at prices below $ 800 an ounce (source:

Copper price dropped to $ 5668.08 a tonne. says, that copper is now in a more difficult period - stuck between faltering supply and weak demand. It's worth keeping an eye on the price of copper until the end of the year - after all, major projects for new copper mines are just getting underway.