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Rugpjūčio 8, 2019

The first week of August is quite different than the last one, with prices of all precious metals (except gold) falling. Changes in metal prices have been partly influenced by the following factors: the US dollar loses its dominant currency label, and the China-US trade war is gaining momentum again (source:
The price of yellow metal is rising fast again - currently at $ 1473.33 an ounce. Economists say that gold should be the main focus for investors right now, as it is probably the best investment (source: According to, the US-China trade war can bring a lot of benefits to gold - it will remain strong in recent years and value could rise to $ 1,500 an ounce in the near future.
The price of silver has fallen slightly this week, but not significantly - the metal is currently priced at $ 16.45 an ounce. White metal doesn't have a clear price position lately, but it's not bad - the price will settle down a bit later (source: The good news is that there is a massive increase in the marketability of silver. Silver is expected to stabilize at $ 16.6 an ounce (source
The palladium boom is over - the price of metal has dropped by almost $ 100 an ounce. Platinum prices have also fallen, but not as painfully - the metal is currently priced at $ 851.5 an ounce. This is largely due to falling car sales worldwide, with over 200,000 jobs lost in India over a three-month period. The figure is estimated to be close to 1 million, as the car sales situation is really bad (sources:,, Still, experts from believe that investors should continue to focus on platinum rather than palladium. Platinum has greater applicability potential.

This week the price of copper dropped to $ 5652.65 a tonne. The US-China trade war is the main driver of the price cross for this metal - the two largest economies in the world used large quantities of copper when there was no war. But the trade war initiated by US President Donald Trump weakens China's economy; not only copper but also other metals are accessible in smaller quantities, which slows down manufacturing processes in many areas (source: