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Rugpjūčio 1, 2019

This week, the precious metal graphs are very uneven - the beginning of the week was quite strong, after that the situation has worsened, but metal prices have rebounded in recent days. Almost all precious metals have risen compared to last week, but that doesn't necessarily mean that investors can stay calm and hope for a better August, as the US dollar grows again and global inflation is quite worrying (sources:,
Gold is currently priced at $ 1,430.9 an ounce. Changes in the US dollar could affect the metal in the future. experts say that gold could fall. says that it's a good time to sell yellow metal. It is worth relying on the same experts’ opinion. Interestingly, Russia continues to increase its gold reserves and is currently the leading country in terms of purchased metal (source:
The silver graph looked like a "pit" this week, but the metal was able to rise from it and is currently priced more than last week at $ 16.55 an ounce. Experts believe that silver now looks stronger than gold (minus the fact that gold is much more expensive) (source: Investors are finally starting to see this metal as a good investment (source: says that white metal could add its value in the near future.
The price of palladium has dropped again - the metal is currently priced at $ 1514.5 an ounce. On the contrary, platinum has raised its price again to $ 871 an ounce. It is unclear how long palladium prices will remain at such a high level as car sales continue to fall in China (source: However, platinum looks like a very promising investment - metal can be used in manufacturing, medical treatment, environmental field and renewable energy (e.g. electric car manufacturing) (source: It would not be surprising if the price of this metal goes up again next week - investors are paying close attention to it.

The value of copper dropped to $ 5888.55 a tonne. Although the demand for metal is not diminishing, and mining or new mining projects are expanding in many regions, copper is experiencing some disruption in mining processes - African mines are not working as planned, because working conditions are extremely difficult (source: The owners of the world's major mines are working to improve this situation.