Metal recycling and recovery

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Spalio 4, 2023

Precious metal prices continue to fall. The reasons remain the same: fear of recession, economic crisis, geopolitical challenges - it looks like it will continue for at least another year (sourced:, Such price declines in the precious metals market should not necessarily be taken as a negative sign - investors are certainly taking advantage of such a situation and increasing stocks of some metals.
The price of gold fell this week. It is currently trading at $1,828.15 an ounce. notes that the yellow metal has struggled to recover for quite some time. The price of gold is also influenced by the fluctuation of the US dollar exchange rate, but experts believe that the price of the metal should no longer fall (sources:, China is still increasing its gold reserves (source: also believes that investing in gold is now very worthwhile.
The price of silver also fell. It is currently priced at $20.99 an ounce. notes that silver has been flat for almost six months. However, silver still has a bright future. Especially in the solar power generation sector, where the metal is in high demand (source: Experts believe that if the US dollar strengthens, the price of silver will rise to $21.5 an ounce (source:
The price of palladium has fallen again, currently trading at $1,219.6 an ounce. Platinum has also kept up with this week's trends, currently trading at $902.7 an ounce. predicts that the Chinese economy will slow down again next year, which again is likely to have a negative impact on the price of palladium. Also in Europe, the shift to environmentally friendly solutions in the automotive sector continues to be encouraged, which also reduces the need for palladium (source: says that platinum is being undervalued by investors. Experts continue to recommend investing in this metal, as its demand is sure to grow - and in more than one sector (source:

The price of copper continues to fall, currently trading at $7,937.08 a tonne. Naturally, predictions of a slowing Chinese economy will certainly not boost the price of this metal (source: But this is not the only reason. says that a stronger US dollar is also holding copper price back.