Metal recycling and recovery

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Rugsėjo 6, 2023

The beginning of September brings positive signs in the precious metals market. Their prices are starting to recover again. says that it is still necessary to monitor the situation with caution, as the US dollar is strengthening and, as experience already shows, this can also have a negative impact on the prices of precious metals. However, the path towards the last quarter of this year looks positive so far - the coming weeks will show whether these signs were not a temporary illusion.
The price of gold is already recovering. It is currently trading at $1,938.15 an ounce. Interest in gold continues to persist. For example, demand for gold jewellery is growing in China (source: Nigeria has chosen gold as one of the most important metals to invest in (source: We can expect the price of gold to rise again next week, as the trends so far look positive.
The price of silver also increased. It is currently priced at $24 an ounce. says that the increase in the price of silver should not be rejoiced in advance - it may be negatively affected by the growth of the US dollar. However, looking at the long-term perspective, investors note that silver has already gained their confidence and demand for it in various manufacturing sectors is not decreasing (sources:, The coming week will show more clearly in which direction the price of the white metal will move.
The price of palladium continues to fall, currently trading at $1,239 an ounce. However, platinum continues to rise in value, currently trading at $958.5 an ounce. Experts note that palladium and platinum are undervalued in the precious metals market - in their opinion, these metals still have a lot of potential in various sectors, so it is still worth investing in them (sources:, However, observing the trends of palladium, it is unlikely that its price will return to at least a slightly higher position this year. Meanwhile, platinum is recovering and demand is growing in China, which bodes well for the long term (source:

The price of copper is still fluctuating, but is already in a good position, currently rising to $8427.17 a tonne. says that demand for the metal from China is not abating, while Chile's metal production rose 1.7%.