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Our company will help you to make money. Old, outdated, broken down, unused automobile parts, electronic waste, precious, non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures are welcome to our buying centers and we will offer you a good price for it.


Novitera buys the following waste from individual persons:


  • Catalysts

  • Waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE)

  • Precious scrap metal, alloys and mixtures

  • Non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures



Waste of the highest monetary value:


1. Catalysts. This is a part of automobile exhaust system designed to reduce the amount of harmful particles in exhaust gases. Catalyst housing is equipped with a pored block covered with catalytic layer. Usually catalytic layer consists of platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd) and rhodium (Rh). Catalytic layer accelerates chemical reactions thereby harmful gases are neutralized. Catalysts may be made from metal or ceramics. The latter are more common, however, there is a significant shortcoming about them – fragility. Catalysts may creak or chip. Catalysts wear because of poor quality fuel, grease entering the compression chamber, too greasy fuel mixtures or dust. In case of major catalyst failures automotive power is reduced, fuel consumptions increase, therefore worn out catalyst must be replaced with a new one. Old catalyst may be profitably sold. 500 litas/145 is the amount one kilo of your automobile catalyst may be worth.

Do not know where and how to replace the old catalyst? We perform catalyst diagnostics and repair on the territory of our company. We use professional research laboratory equipment to determine catalyst’s chemical composition allowing us accurately estimate the catalyst’s value at no charge for you.

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2. Waste of electric and electronic equipment. Old, broken down electric appliances or computers, various electronic components may be really valuable. These may contain precious (gold, silver, platinum) and non-ferrous (copper, nickel, aluminum, cobalt, wolfram) metals, sometimes hardly visible with the naked eye. Various electronic chips, condensers, relays, cell phone plates, processors, hard drives – we buy, sort out and process all of this waste. Extracted metals are successfully reused in the industry. Do not forget – unnecessary, unsuitable for use electric and electronic equipment may not be disposed of into household waste containers! Bring old electronic waste to our buying-up center and our skilled technicians will offer you the best conditions.

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3. Precious scrap metal, alloys and mixtures. Best-known precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, less frequent are platinum group metals: rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, osmium, iridium. Precious scrap metal comprises of various purpose products, semi-products containing precious metals, which are no longer fit for use for their direct intended purpose, as well as alloys, raw materials, various form of chemical compounds. Precious metals are rustproof and corrosion resistant in the moist air. These are of high monetary value. Mostly used in jewellery – up to 52%. 40% of precious metals are used for investment, 10% – in the industry.

If you possess old, unused, unnecessary jewellery items, silver contacts (used in electric appliances), cutlery, dishes or other various purpose items made of precious metals – bring them to us and have a decent reward.

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4. Non-ferrous and other scrap metal, alloys and mixtures. These are articles made of precious and non-ferrous metals unfit for use for their intended purpose as they are worn-out, broken down or defective, as well as waste resulting from production or mechanical treatment of non-ferrous and other metals. We buy a wide spectrum of non-ferrous and other metals and alloys – from the most common in the industry: aluminium, copper, nickel, zinc, tin, and lead, to less frequent and more expensive: titanium, vanadium, cobalt, molybdenum, gallium, germanium, selenium, niobium, indium, tellurium, wolfram, bismuth. The majority of these metals are distinguished by anticorrosion properties, hardness, resistance to environmental impacts, they improve the quality of steel alloys. They are very widely applied in radio engineering, computers, aircraft industry, medicine, electronics, optics, and jewellery.


Copper, automobile wires, cables, tires, radiators, probing devices and many of other waste contain non-ferrous and other metals. Bring this waste to our buying-up centers and we will estimate, examine, provide advice and buy it.

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