Metal recycling and recovery

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Gruodžio 8, 2021

This period can be described as a period of uncertainty. It is seen in all markets, including precious metals. Metals’ prices remained fairly stable this week, with no significant fall or growth. says that metal prices are likely to rise more slowly over the period, but some are expected to fall steadily. It should come as no surprise that a shortage of some metals will begin, which will naturally increase their value. There should be no more drastic changes this month, but the next year can be expected to be very interesting.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,781.78 an ounce. says that inflation and a strong US dollar have had the biggest impact on the value of gold over the past month. However, what will happen next is a bit vague. says that gold lacks investors’ support. Yellow metal is expected to cost about $ 1,792 an ounce in the near future (source: says that the value of gold should stabilize.

Gruodžio 1, 2021

All precious metal prices have fallen this week. Some - even significantly. This was largely due to the new version of coronavirus Omicron (source: Due to the rapid mutation of the virus, it is unclear whether it will spread even faster, whether markets, factories, mines and other important facilities will have to close again. Inflation is also rising quite rapidly (source: Precious metals’ prices may fall further in the last month of this year.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,787.23 an ounce. says that the value of the yellow metal fell due to investors’ fears after the announcement of a new strain of coronavirus. However, according to, the situation is likely to stabilize within a few weeks. Especially when there is more information about the strain. Gold is projected to recover to $ 1,877 an ounce (source:

Lapkričio 17, 2021

Almost all metals, except copper, have risen this week. The rise in the prices of many metals has been considerable compared to recent weeks, when values have remained in fairly similar positions. says that rising inflation could push up prices of some metals. It is worth mentioning that after the term inflation crisis lies many other factors, like the coronavirus, the rise in oil prices, the shortage of car chips and so on. It is not easy to predict what will happen on the next year, but by the end of this year metal prices should look good.
The price of gold rose to $ 1862.55 an ounce. Experts say that gold price rises due to the growing threat of inflation (source: Because of the same reason the US dollar also grows. According to, the value of the yellow metal is expected to grow during the holiday period. The price of the metal is expected to rise to $ 1,922 an ounce first, and then to $ 2,000 an ounce (source:

Lapkričio 10, 2021

Prices for many precious metals have risen this week, with some falling minimally. It can be said that the stability of prices with some growth is already in its second week. Inflation and other effects that negatively affect the value of precious metals do not go away, so it is recommended not to rush to sell out your investments and increase them deliberately (source:
The price of gold rose to $ 1825.12 an ounce. Experts believe that the value of the yellow metal should rise again in the near future (source: According to, the closest price target is $ 1,834 an ounce. It is important to note that the demand for gold in China remained stable during October and may even increase before the holidays (source:

Lapkričio 3, 2021

Precious metal prices remained fairly stable this week, with some falling minimally, others rising just slightly. With only a few months to go until next year, there should be no stronger changes in the precious metals market, as the risk of inflation is also rising (source: However, according to, investors are not afraid to invest during this period.

The price of gold fell to $ 1792.7 an ounce. says that the price of gold is expected to rise this month, especially as inflation spreads. Investor interest in gold remains stable, and mining has also increased during this time (source: All that remains is to watch how the price of the metal will change over the coming weeks.

Spalio 27, 2021

The values of all metals, except copper, rose this week. Metal prices are likely to recover towards the end of the year. Still, says that economies will grow slowly and inflation will rise further. According to experts from, inflation will remain above 2% for some time to come.
The price of gold rose to $ 1808.44 an ounce. The value of the yellow metal is rising slowly but surely so far (source: According to, the value of gold is expected to rise to $ 1,834 an ounce in the near future. Experts from say that during the financial crisis, the most reliable metal for investment will always be gold - compared to other metals, its value will decrease the least, and will always increase when better times come.

Spalio 20, 2021

Almost all precious metal prices have risen this week. Lately, this is a rather rare phenomenon. However, it is still difficult to predict whether this price increase will be stable until the end of the year - in the event of stagflation, the changes may be various (source: The rise in the value of metals was also influenced by the falling US dollar exchange rate (source:
The price of gold rose to $ 1,764.61 an ounce. The future of yellow metal is so far vague. According to, the value of gold should not rise again. Experts from say that the price of gold has reached the point where it should fall. Central banks want to buy more gold; a possible option that they are waiting for the price to fall in order to increase their reserves cheaper (source: The demand for the metal is not decreasing among all consumers either: in India, for example, it has risen sharply (source: After all, gold is a reliable investment - after the fall in prices, growth can be expected in the future.

Spalio 13, 2021

Precious metal values remained in good position this week: palladium, copper and platinum rose, while gold and silver fell very slightly. Reviewers say that stagflation is already taking place - a situation in markets with high inflation, high unemployment and economic stagnation at the same time (sources:, It is worth observing whether the prices of precious metals will change significantly in this situation. It is possible that the values of the metals will remain fairly constant.
The price of gold fell to $ 1753.33 an ounce. Forecasts for the metal remain different. For example, the Central Bank of Poland in 2022 plans to increase its gold reserves by 100 tons (source: In India, the gold boom is not going away either - the demand for it is growing here, the metal is considered very valuable (source: However, while stagflation is spreading, some experts believe that the price of gold may fall (sources:,

Spalio 6, 2021

This week's changes in the precious metals market are not very significant - the prices of some metals remained in a similar position or rose minimally, while others fell slightly. Metal prices can be expected to remain similar in the coming weeks, but anything could happen because of many reasons: rising unemployment in the US, spreading inflation and coronavirus, and other crises that have a direct impact on changes in the prices of certain metals (source:
The price of gold rose to $ 1769.66 an ounce. Forecasts for the yellow metal are twofold: experts believe the price of gold will fall as the US dollar has been strong recently (sources:, According to, the value of gold should fall below the $ 1,750 an ounce threshold. But there are those who think otherwise. says that gold remains an attractive investment, and the price of the metal may recover strongly at the end of the year.

Rugsėjo 29, 2021

Prices for almost all precious metals, except gold, have recovered this week. While the rise in prices this week is not significant compared to the last week, when metal values fell sharply, it is still a positive indicator. It is difficult to predict how metal prices will change now - it is worth watching how prices will change in October and expect that they will recover even more by the end of the year.
The price of gold fell to $ 1,751.49 an ounce. According to, the biggest impact on the fall in the price of gold this week was the recovery of the US dollar. However, the price falls of recent weeks are not yet a verdict of the daily declining value of gold. Experts from believe that the yellow metal will shine again and its price will recover. suggests that by the end of the year, the value of gold will return to its former position: the metal will cost $ 1,900-2,000 an ounce.