Metal recycling and recovery

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Balandžio 25, 2019

This month ends with a fall in prices for almost all precious metals, compared to the last week; except platinum and palladium, whose price has risen slightly. However, the price fall is not very significant, it is rather beneficial for investors to increase the stock of the metals (source: The major obstacle to the recovery of precious metals’ values is the strong US dollar (source:

Balandžio 19, 2019

This week has a trend: the prices of all precious metals, except copper, have fallen. The main reasons for this are the extremely strong US dollar and the global economic crisis (source: However, falling prices are not a bad sign – some metals will have a bright future, and investors can take advantage of current events.

Balandžio 11, 2019

This week in the precious metals market is quite easy: the prices of almost all precious metals are slowly recovering. Only the palladium’s price is falling sharply for the second week. Slower price recovery is mainly driven by the uncertain Brexit situation and the declining global economic growth (source:
Finally gold costs more $1300 an ounce. Its relatively low price encourages investors and bigger countries (especially India and Russia) to increase reserves of this metal (sources:, The predictions for the yellow metal are positive – central banks are interested in higher investments in gold (source: According to, gold will rise to $1320 an ounce in the near future.

Balandžio 4, 2019

The month of April started with a fall of prices of almost all precious metals; not only price of gold, but also price of palladium have come down significantly. Seeing the trends of recent months, it may look strange that even palladium is currently costing so much less. The main reasons of the fall of precious metals prices are the depreciation of Indian rupees, the uncertainties about Brexit, the growing debts of certain countries (sources:,,
Gold currently costs $1292.13 an ounce; for a long time, its value has not fallen below $1300 an ounce. However, experts from believe, that this situation is temporary, and the prices of yellow metal will rise again. Anna Golubova, the expert from, says that the price of gold is heading towards to $1,400 an ounce, not $1,200 an ounce. Also, the Brexit situation has the benefit: major European investors are expanding their gold reserves (source:

Kovo 28, 2019

March can be described as non-volatile – the prices of precious metals have rose and fell. At the moment, almost all metals have recovered again, except for palladium, which is a bit weird, because this metal had record-breaking price for a quite long time. The US dollar is recovering, inflation is rising, so it is not clear what prices of metals can be expected on the next week (sources:,

Kovo 20, 2019

Good news: the prices of precious metals are rising. In recent weeks, the value of almost all precious metals has fallen slightly (except for palladium), but in the near future it can be expected that this will not be the case – the economic markets are recovering slowly, which also has a positive impact on the value of these metals (source:

Kovo 8, 2019

Last week was nothing, but a joy for many – the price of precious metals has raised. But spring started not that positively – stronger US dollar and slowdown in markets growth had an impact on a fall in prices of precious metals (Source: But the state of the currency and stagnation of market growth are not always constant, so metal prices can recover again soon.
The price of gold fell by almost US $ 40/OZ. The value of metal is the lowest compared to the last five weeks (Source: Reduced yellow metal prices encourage investors and jewelery producers to buy gold even more (Source: Correspondents of say the future of gold is still vague - it is sensitive to economic change, but central banks are buying a record high quantity. Source believes gold will cost between US $ 1,280 - US $ 1,340 in March.