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Rugsėjo 28, 2022

All precious metals fell again this week, some even significantly. Volatility in metal prices is becoming more pronounced, with investors even losing interest in some metals (source: This week, the strongest influence on the fall in the values of precious metals was the strengthening of the US dollar (source: For now, it is difficult to predict whether metal prices will recover at the end of the year.
The price of gold fell to $1,627.17 an ounce. says that with the US dollar rising at such a rapid rate, the value of gold is doing the opposite - it is falling. Experts warn that in some markets, investor interest and confidence in gold as a safe investment in difficult economic times is disappearing (sources:, However, such a trend is not visible everywhere. For example, China's gold imports are now at their highest level in four years (source:

Rugsėjo 14, 2022

All precious metals’ prices rose this week. Similar scenarios have been repeated for several weeks, when metal prices fall for a while, and after that they try to stabilize again. There are many factors that influence metal values, such as the volatility of the Chinese market - if that market recovers, so do metal prices (source: However, it should not be forgotten that there have been positive changes during the war in Ukraine this week, sparking hope that the war may end sooner.
Gold rose to $1,725.53 an ounce. says that the value of the yellow metal is influenced not only by the exchange rate of the US dollar, but also by changes in the price of energy resources, which, in the current period, is very volatile. The outlook for gold is not so bright yet: it is believed that the price of the metal could fall to $1,700 an ounce (sources:,

Rugsėjo 7, 2022

The prices of precious metals are falling, only the value of palladium is still holding a slightly higher position. The periods of autumn and the approaching winter can be difficult: energy prices are rising, inflation is increasing, the war in Ukraine is not over, so it is difficult to predict whether the prices of precious metals will rise during such a period (source:
The price of gold fell to $1,713.17 an ounce. As the US dollar strengthens, the value of the yellow metal is in no rush to grow (source: India's gold imports halved due to gold price volatility (source: However, says that the value of gold should soon return to the $1,730 an ounce position. In the course of a few weeks, it will be clearer to see in which direction the price of the metal is heading.

Rugpjūčio 25, 2022

Recently, the trends have not changed - the values of all precious metals are decreasing, only copper is increasing. In this unstable period, it is difficult to expect anything else. However, it is believed that metal prices may recover somewhat by the end of the year, but this will be seen in the next few months (source:
The price of gold fell to $1,735.87 an ounce. And while the value of the yellow metal is falling, the world's central banks have increased their gold reserves by 270 tons this year (source: Gold sales also increased strongly in China (source: predicts that gold will end the year at $1,800 an ounce. Experts from say that the price of gold will recover next year, it will cost above $1900 an ounce.

Rugpjūčio 17, 2022

This week, the prices of almost all precious metals fell, but it can be seen that the price changes are quite small. Such fluctuation is certainly to be expected during this volatile period. says that precious metal values are heavily influenced by the weakening Chinese economy. Metal prices are likely to remain at similar levels for some time to come.
The price of gold fell to $1,779.03 an ounce. The yellow metal also reached $1,800 an ounce this week, but it didn't last long (source: According to, changes in the exchange rate of the US dollar also affect the decline in the price of gold. In India, the demand for gold for jewellery production has also decreased (source: However, thinks that gold is a stable currency in times of crisis.

Rugpjūčio 10, 2022

Precious metal prices continue to rise, some slowly and others sharply. Reviewing this half year, it can be noted that metal prices fluctuated more to the negative side (source: Naturally, this is influenced by the tense economic situation in the world, the war in Ukraine, and instability in China. It seems that the situation is unlikely to improve this year - it is worth hoping for at least stability.
The price of gold rose to $1,788.39 an ounce. says that the yellow metal could soon rise to $1,800 an ounce. China's demand for gold is on the rise (source: Historically, the price of gold has held up really well during this challenging period (source:

Rugpjūčio 3, 2022

One trend can be observed in the precious metals market this week - the prices of all precious metals have risen. says that the main reason for this is disruptions in the metals’ supply chain. Due to the Russian war in Ukraine, these disruptions will certainly be prolonged, so the value of metals may continue to increase in the coming weeks. However, during this volatile period, it is worth keeping a close eye on the changes - they can vary greatly from week to week and not all predictions can come true.
The price of gold rose to $1,772.48 an ounce. With the slowdown in the growth of the US dollar, the yellow metal "uses" this opportunity and increases its price (source: Gold jewellery prices rise as supply chain tightens (source: It is predicted that the value of gold will increase in the near future and may reach $1,794 an ounce (source:

Liepos 27, 2022

It seems that it is a difficult period for precious metals - some metals are still capable to stabilize the price situation somewhat, but others continue to fall. With a strong US dollar and an impending economic crisis, it is difficult to expect any other scenario (source: However, for some, the fall in metal prices is a great opportunity to increase their stocks and later make money from it.
The price of gold fell to $1,718.75 an ounce. As the yellow metal falls, demand for it rises, with everyday consumers also seen buying more gold (source: says that the value of gold will rise when the US dollar weakens. According to, the price of the metal will be at the $1,725 an ounce mark for now. However, experts from recommend investing in gold now, while its price has fallen and you can earn the most in the future.

Liepos 13, 2022

Precious metal prices continue to fall, only palladium is recovering. The biggest influence on the price change is the fear of recession (source: Currently, the value of the US dollar is further strengthening its position, while the euro has levelled with it (source: It would not be surprising to see metals’ prices continue to fall during this period (source: It looks like an economic crisis is coming.
The price of gold fell to $1,734.01 an ounce. says that the value of the yellow metal hasn't looked this bad in a long time, with its price falling every week. Traditionally, gold has always been considered a safe investment, no matter what adversity it may face. However, with inflation and a looming global economic crisis, observers are not sure that gold will be a truly safe investment during this period (source: says that investing in gold is only worthwhile if you expect long-term returns.

Liepos 6, 2022

Precious metals prices are falling again this week, only palladium has started to gain value. It looks like this could continue for some time to come as inflation continues to rise, the war in Ukraine continues, and the effects of this are increasingly felt in economies (source: It is difficult to predict how metal prices will change during such a period, but a sudden growth should not be expected. At this stage, it is valuable for investors to buy metals at a lower price.
The price of gold fell to $1,809.41 an ounce. The situation of the yellow metal is quite unique - during periods of economic crises, the metal usually remains stable (source: Demand for it is on the rise, with central banks increasing reserves of the metal (source: China has been the country that consumes the most gold since 2012 - now India takes the first place (source: And despite these facts, the price of the metal is still falling and looks like it may fall below the $1,780 an ounce mark (source: But this is not a bad sign, because gold does not lose its value in the long run.