Metal recycling and recovery

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About us

               Novitera, UAB has been working in the field of buying and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste car catalytic converters, non-ferrous and precious scrap metals for almost a decade and thus has gained a lot of experience, has positioned itself significantly in the Lithuanian and foreign markets, has become known and renowned as a reliable company. 
               The company employs specialists of various fields – finance, economics, marketing, environment, metallurgical science, chemistry – who know their work and persistently seek their goals. The company is expanding its activities, establishing new jobs, and the professionalism, diligence and continuous improvement of the employees form a base for excellent results and success.
               Novitera UAB is buying large quantities of waste electrical and electronic equipment, car and industrial catalytic converters, non-ferrous and precious scrap metals, therefore the raw materials and semiproducts are recycled and metals recovered in the best known recycling companies of the world without any intermediaries. This provides an opportunity to get the best conditions for recycling and metal recovery, and to pay the clients of the company the highest price for the delivered raw materials. 
               Novitera UAB is constantly improving technological processes of waste recycling, consulting with Lithuanian science institutions as well as foreign institutions and laboratories with many years of experience behind them. Based on the experience of partners who work in this field for many decades, the company is implementing modern production and recycling equipment, thus decreasing the cost of recycling and offering increasingly better buying and recycling conditions for its clients. Therefore, an ever increasing number of Lithuanian and foreign companies become clients of Novitera UAB.
               By developing a strategy of a modern company utilising brand new technologies, Novitera UAB is turning the collected waste into secondary raw materials and, therefore, help keep the environment clean and safe.